Simplesa - Complex nutrition made simple

If you´re following complex nutritional protocols or simply taking a lot of supplements in your daily routine, you know that sometimes the vast quantity of supplements can be overwhelming. Simplesa is dedicated to simplification. We produce only the highest quality science-based nutritional supplements in the simplest forms possible. Our products are pure and potent to optimize your health benefits. Simplicity by design, without having to compromise. That´s our commitment

Our approach not only simplifies complex nutritional protocols targeted at specific conditions, but also allows for other components to be added to enhance the core protocol. This can create a more comprehensive regimen without adding complexity.

For patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) following the Deanna Protocol*, Simplesa offers products to simplify this routine and build on this regimen. Following an all-inclusive approach, these products are formulated to include many ingredients that could potentially work to improve ALS symptoms, improve physical/mental functioning, and/or slow progression of the disease.

Simplesa has introduced products specifically formulated for people following the Deanna Protocol. Simplesa products combine Deanna Protocol nutrients into single products, measured to the exact frequencies and dosages. Until now the various components of the Deanna Protocol had to be purchased and taken separately, but the introduction of our products marks the first time ever that PALS following the Deanna Protocol have nutritional supplements specifically tailored to their needs.

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